I am a musician/composer and I can write music for you in the style "you hear" or other styles, yes modern music styles too and not just traditional styles!

But actually, in my telling you here how open my mind/ears are, this winds up to be more like a little bio/historical writing on me, I think this is important to check out to know my background in music and sound and how you can relate to me in a musical composition, consultation or recording sessions. Come get to know me a little more...I hope you enjoy reading this...I was pretty amazed myself, hahaha.

I can direct, consult and compose music and sounds for motion picture, video, theatre, dance, plays and sound installations. I have years of experience in recording studios as well.

Basically, without all the explaining of how many years I've had this knowledge (started my studies in 1975 of Ancient Mexican music but having begun music in 1968 at age 11), I can give consultation on a wild variety of musical styles. I see, after writing this article, in a stream of consciousness manner, how the sonic things around me made my mind so open and has remained this way all these years. This has enabled me to let the flow of musical events happen when I write or improvise music.

I know my ability of being able to listen the wildly varied sonic styles I list below comes from a history, since age 3, of being a great accidental fan of sounds, natural sounds (my love for animals and natural environments) and movie sound tracks, especially those of the 1950's and 60's Sci-Fi movies (such as the soundtracks I heard at age 7-8 (before I was a musician) such as "The Outer Limits" series and the movie "Atomic Submarine" with it's mix of chamber ensemble and electronics; "Forbidden Planet" the famous all electronic score with the magical Therimin; and not to mention, the mix of Orchestra and Stones in "One Million Years B.C." These films had an impact on the limits of my appreciation of sound. I have also always adored the dark moods of Film Noir and musical moods it created! The two genres of Sci-Fi and Cinema go together extremely well. To hammer things in further, when I began to play music in 1968 at age 11, I was then listening the very new sounds of Hendrix, by age 13 my interests widened international music, besides the standard music everyone heard at my age then. I remember being 15-18 and trying to play music in odd rhythmic meters with my friends! At about age 5 or 6, my father exposed me to the sounds of regional Mexican music and indigenous Mexican music when he'd point it out in Mexican movies we watched and in the choice of Art Books I brought home from the library and having me sit with him when he'd want me to watch (daily) the Mexican UHF TV reception box! We'd watch lots of programming from Mexico.

Back in 1975 when I began to study my ancestral instruments, a great love developed for the composers of Mexico who utilized orchestral and indigenous instruments like Carlos Chavez' "Sinfonia India", "Xochipilli Macuilxochitl" and others; Silvestre Revueltas' "Sensemaya", "La Noche de Los Maya" (not to mention that Revueltas was from Durango, wher my fathers' parents were from) and others like Daniel Ayala's "Tribu" and more. Being classically trained also exposed to my other idols: Bela Bartok, Anton Webern, Ralph Vaughn-Williams, Francesco Landini, Guillaume de Machaut, Ennio Morricone, Bernard Hermann and I can't forget other faves, Igor Stravinsky, Hendrix, Jeff Beck, Santana and even, Chico and Harpo Marx. Wow, my list is getting bigger as I keep thinking here. I also love House, Drum N' Bass, Ambient, Homie Oldies and Old School and a ton of other things, hahaha! 

I like to say I was "street trained and ear trained" (first 9 years of my musical life and still now); "classically trained" (1973-78); "open minded training" (age 3-4 to present) and "indigenously trained" (1975 to present).

I do, very, very vividily recall seeing, at about age 7-8 the Danza de Los Voladores and La Danza del Venado and telling my father that I wanted those instruments and wanted to play that music!!! As an adult, I loved those times I spent researching in Mexico, playing with native musicians in places like Colima and Tabasco and performing at ceremonial sites too and the wonderful experiences I had playing with musicians from Bolivia, Peru, Brasil, Iran, Africa, China and even the Amazon!!!

Wow, I after writing this I realized that I've never really told anybody about this before, so I am glad you know now!

Here's some of the styles I love very mucho:

Ancient Mexico
Andes (Bolivia, Peru & Etc)
Asian - that means India too
North American
South American
Meditational, Trance or Hypnotic Music
Middle Eastern
Experimental Sounds and Music
Noise and it's uses
20th Century Classical Music of Mexico
Music with Found, Recycled and/or Natural Materials
Music with Bamboo Instruments
Music with Gourd Instruments
Electronic Music/Electronic Dance
Soundscape or all types
World Music
- most musical styles of the world
Classical Western Music
Rock and Roll
Anything weird I didn't remember to put here

ALL these rich experiences in my life have enhanced my musical thought, approach and interpretation of sound. None of it is any good without the spirit, this I can tell you for sure!