FREE 6-10pm SOUNDPEDRO “Sound Event, not music”

 — (PDT, UTC-07) — (PDT, UTC-07)

Angels Gate Cultural Center, 3601 S. Gaffey, San Pedro, CA 90731

This is not a music or song event no rhythms, no melodies. This is only about sound and how it is made and it’s made with different kinds of materials not just regular instruments. Some instruments have been altered. Some have been created. Some things are electronic who knows what’s gonna be at this event. Come to this fun experimental event you’ll find everything from SOUND that’s funny weird, relaxing, disturbing….you name it, a beautiful experience in sound and a lot more people are coming all the time. I’m seeing the audience grow a lot so come on down! I have no other way to describe this event or tell you any other way that will make you come just know that you have to come it’s important it’s beautiful it’s the future of the sound…. and we are all here experimenting with it to see where we can take it. It’s free, there’s not a lot of events like this, don’t do anything else different that day. Come see this damn event. One thing for sure is that me and my friend, Composer, George Sarah are going to premiere a new work called NOISE BATH, along with several other new works for SOUND generating instruments