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Richard Montoya's (of Culture Clash) movie, "WATER & POWER" will show in 22 theatres in California on Friday, May 2nd. "Click" on the date in Martin's Calendar here to see the list of theatres. It's not sure yet but Martin will probably appear at some of the So CAL showings with the director & actors! Richard put Martin's music all over the movie!!! Happy happy!!!

MEXIKA "Music and Dance of Ancient Mexico"
will be part of the Cinco De Mayo Festival coming Sunday, May 4, 2014 2:00pm Performance time at MUSEUM OF LATIN AMERICAN ART in Long Beach, CA We're bring coming as a Nine Person Ensemble!!! A performance filled with cultural pride, also letting you know that you also have a beautiful culture and there are so many things we have in common than we have differences! Come see the elegant indigenous dance of ancient Mexico with colorful outfits and the instruments that are supposed to be included in the "danza", played by Martin Espino and master percussionists, Gabriel Castaneda and Erick Barraza. 

In this time of the release of the Cesar Chavez movie, the Water & Power movie, it's a time to get your Mexicano on and soak up some pride, knowledge and cultural awareness. This is going to be one of thee most exciting programs I'm going to offer this year!!! This ensemble is absolutely powerful!!!

Martin Espino has a ton of wonderful programs for ALL ages starting next week, for the next several weekends....a lot of FREE programs. Check his calendar and "click" on the various dates and it will open up and show you detail and even a "map option"...easy...everything from 4/19 with Martin's new Latin Jazz Boogaloo group; a preschool program on 4/25; Playing along with Ancient Californian instruments on 4/26; a solo concert on 5/2, instrument making with families on 5/3; the Chocolate Festival on 5/10 to Making simple rattles for Real Little Kids on 5/17...
Martin's calendar is updated constantly so stay on the look out...Again all these programs are FREE.

Chequea el calendario de Martin para ver los Talleres y Actuaciones GRATIS para toda la familia como: 19 de Abril con su grupo de Latin Jazz y Boogalu; 25 de Abril para chicos de "preschool"; 26 de Abril es una actuacion interactiva sobre la musica de California Indigena; 2 de Mayo un concierto solo con Instrumentos Mexicanos Indigenas; 3 de Mayo con chiquitos haciendos flautas con Martin; 10 de Mayo El Festival de Chocolate, Martin va a tocar todo el dia; 17 de Mayo un taller de hacer Sonajas para edades 3-5 y mas...GRATIS...Hijole mami!!!
No mas visten el calendario y haz un "clik" sobre la fecha y informacion va aparecer!!!

NEW HEALING FLUTES, OCARINAS, SHAMANAGUA & CONCH SHELL for Sale - have just been posted in my "STORE-TIENDA" with pictures and descriptions of each instrument I am selling and a link to hear them at:

FLAUTAS Y OCARINAS NUEVAS DE SANACION. Tambien: INSTRUMENTOS DE EFECTO DE AGUA, TROMPETA DE CARACOL MARINO estan de venta aqui en mi "STORE/TIENDA" con una pagina web link al: para escuchar a los instrumentos!

Bienvenidos (pueden escribir a Martin en Espanol)

Since 1968 MARTIN ESPINO, a "World Class Performer and Master Teaching Artist" has performed on stages all over the U.S.A. and Mexico and he is one of the few "original revivalists" living in North America of these the ancient musical instruments of Mexico! 

Although Martin is a "performing artist" and "ceremonial artist" but you'll see at this website that he has developed and presented many original educational presentations!

His professional references will tell you that there's lots of love and strong passion in his artistic work. He is known by many as a World Class Performing Artist, Researcher and a top notch educator and lecturer!!!

Martin Espino plays the beautiful, exotic and cosmic sounding musical instruments of his ancestral Mexico, he also presents educational programs on the Ancient Americas. 

Since 1975, he has conducted scholarly research into this field of music and culture and is a recognized authority in this area. With over 40 years of teaching experience and tons of personality and passion, his students rave about his workshops and performances! He works with ALL ages.
Martin Espino is of Yaqui (Sonora) and Tepehuano (Durango) indigenous Mexicano heritage!
Please visit Martin's STORE to buy or download his music or his handmade musical instruments.  His music is available download at .99 cents per song or order the physical CD.
Please visit Martin's CALENDAR to see where he is presenting at or to book a program! For people wanting to book him, the calendar has always been a great marketing tool in that it shows you how frequently he presents his various programs. This is the ONLY thing he does. The CALENDAR is updated weekly as we get lots of calls.

Martin did NOT start doing this because he saw someone do it and then started, which is ok, but the vast majority of other artists do not give honor to say where they learned and who they learned from. He has to research everything, there was no internet back then or anyone selling these instruments, even the Danza Mexica (Azteca) spearheaded by Maestro Florencio Yeskas had just barely arrived to North America around 1973 and so he had to read everything he could get his hands on. Martin started playing these instruments: because he liked how they sounded after hearing some field recordings from the Smithsonian; as part of an ancestral calling since an early age, before he was a musician he fell in love with these sounds. It wasn't until the mid 80's did he learn of Antonio Zepeda, the god-father of this revival and Jorge Reyes in Mexico. They inspired him too! After studying what happened to his ancestors’ culture and way of life, he dedicated himself to preserve/revive these sounds.

Martin started out as a guitarist in 68, earning a Bachelor of Music with Honors in 1978 from Immaculate Heart College in “performance and classical guitar” so, fact that now makes his living playing Mexican indigenous instruments was actually not his original intention! He gets many calls for his work with the ancestral instruments!

He has always been "into his culture" and even "lives" his traditions. He follows the spiritual words and advice found in the "real" worldly/spiritual teachings and philosophy of Nezahualcoyotl and other pre-Spanish philosophers. He researches the indigenous foods (see his videos at, he even speaks Spanish (lol), conducted research in Mexico and performed with native musicians while there and even wears the "trajes" or traditional outfits and attends Mexica (mistakenly called Aztec) ceremonies. He even stays and plays for the "entire ceremony, playing his flutes and percussion for the dancers (danzantes). He makes his own jewelry, headdresses and designs his outfits too! Martin is strict in this way, believing that you can't just play these instruments, you have to live it, many out there don't. Martin has lived his work and continues to move forward and speak out.

2014 - Update:
Martin is back at the multiple things he does: conducting three residencies at schools making instruments with young students; lecturing at universities; and performing in concert! He appeared at Conscious Life Expo in February for the first time to take over for his good friend, Xavier Quijas, who is recovering from being really sick. We just heard that the film “Water and Power” by Richard Montoya of Culture Clash will be shown in local theatres soon!!! Martin’s music is very prominent in the movie! This is his 15th appearance on film! Martin will conduct a cultural awareness program in Garden Grove for high schoolers! MEXIKA will appear at Museum of Latin American Art on May 4 in full traditional outfit with 4 danzantes and 3 musicians!!! This summer, Martin will present his 25th year as a staff instrument making teacher at Music Rhapsody! He’ll be visiting Kern County, CA in May with the younger Maestro Danzante, Lazarito Arvizu; Martin is reviving his 34 years of musical partnership with Bolivian folklorist, Mario Torrico and will be performing more as time goes on; he is also performing Mexican folk guitar with the Balderas Trio…in March, Martin will even officiate a “Mexica” style wedding in Michigan!!! Lastly, looking forward to the Cuauhtemoc Ceremony here in Los Angeles on February 22, 2014!!! More fun to come…
2013 - Update:
Eventhough he is a traditional artist, in September 2013, Martin Espino added to his workload by returning to his experimental side, creating new-music using "world" sounds with indigenous Mexican instruments; mixing "live" music with "taped" music and mixing "groove rhythms" with the Mexican instruments and things from other parts of the world! Performing with the stage name of COYOTEK. These performances included sophisticated "loop stations" (he's been looping since the 90's). He’s added to knowledge: Ableton Live 8. He utilizes a Mac laptop; World instruments; Tribal Mexicano rhythm, Hip hop, world, banda, cumbia, trance and groove rhythms and vocals. But don't forget, he still does the straight up traditional.
2013 also saw his Facebook page fill up with Instrument Making Albums as well as MEXIKA “Music and Dance of Ancient Mexico” travelling to Michigan to play 3 shows at the Tulipanes Festival and wowed the audiences! Martin conducted several 5-10 week residencies making about 500 instruments in 2013; he lectured and performed at the Museum of Northern Arizona on grant written for him; his music was also featured prominently in the motion picture "Water and Power" by Richard Montoya of Culture Clash, which has shown at major film festivals. Martin was so happy to hear his music as it came out of the speakers at the Graumann's Chinese Theatre in Hollywood for Richard's film. December of 2013, marked Martin's 10th year providing the "live" soundtrack for the grand theatrical work produced by Jose Luis Valenzuela's Latino Theatre Group, "La Virgen de Guadalupe-Dios Inantzin" at the Cathedral of Our Lady of Los Angeles! 
Purchase Martin Espino's music via "download" or "cd". He appreciates your support so much!!!

Preschools, Elementary to Universities and City Libraries - Yearly since 1973 to Present
Television & Radio appearances/interviews - Yearly since 1973
Childrens Museum of La Habra - 27 years
(on going)
Center Ring Productions - 26 years
(on going)
Bowers Museum & Kidseum - 26 years
(on going)
Music Rhapsody (Instrument Making Teacher) – 25 years (on going)
Southwest Museum 1983-2003

Monterey Bay Aquarium - 13 years
(on going)
Wells Fargo Performing Arts Center - 11 years 

Tulipanes Festival - 10 years
(on going)
Long Beach Aquarium of the Pacific - 12 years (on going)

La Virgen de Guadalupe, Dios Tonantzin -10 years (on going)
California Traditional Music Society Staff – 10 years

UCLA Lecture at Schoenberg Hall - 8 years
(on going)
Eco-Maya Festival - 6 years

Cerritos Performing Arts Center - 3 years

Mesa College in San Diego, CA Performance/Lecture - 3 years

Mexican Independence Day at Seattle Center - 3 years

California Academy of the Sciences - 3 years

Disneyland - 2 years

Museum of Latin American Art - 3 years
(on going)
Cal State University Fullerton - 3 years (on going)
Oxnard College - 2 years

Cal Arts Institute - 2 years

Autry Museum
- 2 years                                                        

Galeria Mukul Ja, Tabasco, Mex 2000

Hola TVT, Tabasco, Mex 2000

La Venta Zona Arqueologica, Tabasco, Mex 2000

Radio Comun, Tabasco, Mex 2000

La Campana Zona Arqueologica, Colima, Mex 1997

Martin Espino offers the following programs with more information just click on the TABS in the "menu" above:

1) Concert 
Solo, duo, trio or ensemble and dancers upon request.

2) Interactive Performance 
This is where the audience is guided in playing from his immense collection of native percussion instruments and singing "easy-to-sing-songs" in ancient languages like Maya and Nahuatl, etc. Especially geared towards a Standards based education and 100% interaction, with ALL ages. 

3) Instrument Making Session 
ALL ages, with manual dexterity of course.

4) Artist in Residence 
Inquire about 2 to 12 day stays at your facility

5) Lectures, Collaborations and Recording Sessions
Click on those specific tabs above